Anima: The Masquerade

Mappo clears the crystal forest

as it cleans itself

So after learning what the masked people were planning and talking them into seeing our way. Mappo thanked Harlan and his dad for the place to stay while he was in town. He also went and thanked Kaylee and her father for the use of the forge and station. He then left the big city behind and went back to what he knew to train the hardest he could while time allowed. That meant going back to the Crystal Forest and the The Rangers.
When Mappo got to the first base of operations he told the rangers that he was here to stay as long as he could to train and clear the forest. They accepted him happily with the forest retreating they needed help to keep track of things and stop things from getting out into the rest of the world.
Most of Mappo’s time was spent in the training yard becoming proficient with more weapons because as he heard the omegas weapon had to kill him and who knows what that monster uses. He learned all weapon types. Doing this let him get at home in his armor it was nothing to him anymore.
When not at the bases he was clearing the forest of the crystal golems and creations. as the lands slowly returned back to the original state so did some of the people and things crystallized. This was fun to find and get them on the way home.
Lastly when he got the message from his friends he said that if he was still around that he would come back. This was the last we heard from him. If he does come back to us then he will have a spot in our halls for all time. He has been one of the best i have seen in my lifetime.
Lord Ranger Agagonor



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