Draco Daughtry

Headless and loving it


Race: D’an Jayni
AGE: 24
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6’ 5"
WEIGHT: 260 lbs
HAIR: Short and Brown
EYES: Hazel
Class: Shadow
Level: 1
Money: 16gc, 37sc, 4cc

Base Bonus
AGI: 10 15
Con: 9 10
Dex:10 15
Str: 9 10
Int: 6 5
Per: 9 10
Pow: 8 10
WP: 5 0
Base Actual
Initiative: 80 115
Attack: +60
Block: +35
Dodge: +50
Life Points: 135
Quick Reflexes (2)
Martial Mastery (2)
Ki Recovery (1)
Exclusive Weapon (unarmed)
Severe Allergy (carrots
Acrobatics: 17 Athleticism: -15 Climb: -15 Jump: -15 Ride: -15
Swim: -15 Composure: 3 Feats of Str: -20 Withstand Pain: -30 Notice: 25
Search: 24 Track: 14 Herbal Lore: 7 M. Appraisal: -20 Medicine: 8
Occult: 8 All other Intellectual: -25 Intimidate: -30
Leadership: -20 Persuasion: 9 Style: 13 Disguise: -15 Hide: 24
Lock Picking: 18 Poisons: 7 Theft: -15 Trap Lore: -20 Stealth: 29
Art: -20 Dance: 18 Forging: -15 Music: 12 Sl. of Hand: 18 Street Wise: 6
Physical Abilities:
Fatigue: 9
Movement: 105m/turn
Special Abilities/Modules
Different Type (short arm)
Complete Leather
Ki Abilities:
Use of Ki
Ki Control
Presence Extrusion
Use of Necessary Energy
Ki Concealment (+5/lvl +30)
Martial Arts:
Tai Chi dmg 20+2(pow)
Velez Strike using Energy table, +20 dodge and block (unarmed)
Martial Knowledge: 155 used:140
Techniques: Level Acum. What it does
Viper Strike 1 Dex 12 Limited additional attack (2 add. att.), attack ability (+40 to att.)
Slither 1 Agi 8 Dodge +75
Stat Accumulation Rate Ki pool
STR 1 9
AGI 3 30
DEX 7 30
CON 1 9
WP 1 5
POW 1 8
Clothing: Quality(cost)
pants x2 2sc
Shirts x3 6sc
Vest x1 1sc
Jacket x1 2sc
Coat x1 5sc
Gloves x1 2sc
Mens Underwear x5 5sc
Belts x2 2sc
Men’s Formal Outfit 2gc
Other Equipment:
Backpack Blanket Flint+Steel small tent torch x3 Field Ration (good)

Draco Daughtry was born to parents James and Priscilla Daughtry in the port town of Riveria. There he lived with his parents and older brother Jonathan. His parents were merchants and dealt in baked goods and were moderately successful in their trade. The oldest son Jonathan had no interest in continuing the family business and instead sought to become an officer in the naval forces to help protect Eternia. Jonathan was also better than Draco in pretty much every way imaginable and received constant praise for accomplishments while draco was mostly forgotten. This continued even after the Daughtry family moved to Eternia to expand their business.

There they met and worked with Gregory MacAlister while their sons met each other in school. It quickly became apparent that there would be a moderate problem with Draco and Harlan because they seemed to turn almost every trivial thing into a competition between the two. Unlike with his brother Draco could beat Harlan every now and then but Harlan would also beat Draco just as often. Over the years the two developed a since of camaraderie with the near daily ritual but then one day Draco got a girlfriend. Normally this probably wouldn’t have come between the two except Harlan had decided that he wanted Draco’s girl for himself and so proceeded to move in on her. At which point Draco took it upon himself to put Harlan in his place and sucker punched Harlan so that he fell to the floor. It quickly escalated from there and the two proceeded to beat the snot out of each other. Harlan being the stronger of the two easily gained the upper hand and proceeded to over power Draco. By the time the fight was broken up Harlan was straddling Draco on the floor and was flinging fist after fist at his head while Draco had his arms in front of his face to protect it. After the fight was broken up both Draco and Harlan were sent to the Head Master and while Draco did throw the first punch he was only suspended for a week while Harlan was expelled from the school. Draco had mixed feelings about this decision because Harlan had become a friend of sorts and because of his decision Draco also lost his girlfriend.

It would be another 5 years before Draco ran into Harlan again. During this time Draco’s sister, Lucinda, was starting school having been born 7 years ago. Fast forward those 5 years, Draco is now the age of 20 and has completed his schooling and while he did well, was only in the top 10% of his class while his brother was in the top 1% when he finished and has since gone off to pursue a career in the naval forces. Now out of school Draco spent many late nights at various parties and lower social functions in place of his parents and at these functions ran into Harlan quite often. Things were touchy between the two for a little bit but quickly settled into the norm of issuing challenges to each other as they both tried to best the other in various competitions. It was at one of these functions that Draco received word from his parents that his sister Lucinda had not returned home from her friends home though she did indeed leave. Draco loved his sister and could rarely resist her whenever she wanted to play or wanted him to buy her something and so was quite disturbed by this news. He quickly excused himself from the party that he might seek her out and bring harm to whom ever had grabbed her. What he didn’t know is that Harlan had seen him leave and while would have ignored it and kept on partying, he had seen the change in Draco’s demeanor as he was talking to the messenger.

Harlan than intercepted the messenger before he could leave so he might learn what the message was. Once he found out he to set out to find the person or persons responsible. It turns out that it was multiple people responsible for kidnapping Lucinda. Draco arrived at their location first near the outskirts of town before Harlan, though he didn’t know that Harlan was close behind, and proceeded to try and free his sister by engaging the 3 men responsible in combat with little more than his fists while they wielded clubs and daggers. During this fight Draco’s innate Ki abilities came alive as he dodged and attacked the men with profound efficiency. This new found strength didn’t last long enough and Draco received a slash on his chest going from his right shoulder to his left breast. During the fight Harlan showed up and with his mask on freed Lucinda from her bindings and told her to run for the authorities while he helped her brother. After Draco was slashed across the chest Harlan joined the fray and quickly dispatched the already weakened men. Grabbing some cloth Harlan helped Draco slow the bleeding down enough that he wouldn’t die by the time the authorities arrived and then tied the 3 men up before taking off because by this time Lucinda could be seen running towards their location with a group of guards following her.

4 years have passed since that day and every day Draco is reminded of his failure because of the scar on his chest. So he has been training by himself and with street urchin by the name of Archie. Archie has been helping him with his Ki abilities that he might understand them more and be able to more readily draw upon them should he need to. Over these 4 years Draco has come to suspect that Harlan was the one to come to his and his sisters rescue though he hasn’t been able to get Harlan to unknowingly admit it. But since then there has been an almost unspoken code between the two, a sense of having each others back when needed.

Draco Daughtry

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