Harlan MacAlister

Black Rabbit


Damned good looking and too cool for words.

Age: 25 years Born July 24th. Height: 5’8" Weight: 150 lbs Appearance: 9
AGI: 11 Con: 9 Dex:10 Str: 11 Int: 5 Per: 7 Pow: 6
Initiative: 115 Attack: +100 Damage: 80 base Block: +0 Dodge: +150 Life Points: 160
Movement: 130 ft M/Turn: 30
Armor: 3 cut 2 imp 4 Thr 3 Heat 4 Ele 4 Cold 1 Energy
Resistances: Physical 45 Disease 45 Poison 45 Magic 20 Psychic 40
Acrobatics: 100 Athleticism: 61 Climb: 21 Jump: 64 Ride: 21 Swim: 21
Composure: 6 Feats of Str: 60 Withstand Pain: 6
Notice: 15 Search: 6 Track: -25
Animals: 1 History: 1 M. Appraisal: -25 Memorize: 1
Navigation: 1 Occult: 1 Streetwise: 1 All other Intellectual: -30
Intimidate: -25 Leadership: 6 Persuasion: 20 Style: 65
Disguise: -15 Hide: 6 Lock Picking: -15 Poisons: -30 Theft: -15 Trap Lore: -25 Stealth: 30
Art: 6 Dance: 21 Forging: -15 Music: 6 Sl. of Hand: 95

Harlan has a floating +10 bonus to attack, dodge, block or unarmed damage that he can assign each round due to Kung Fu.

Harlan deals triple his strength bonus on unarmed attacks.

Harlan strikes on the energy table to to Velez

Ki abilities
Harlan Possesses: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Weight Elimination, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Ki Concealment, Presence Extrusion and Inhumanity
Rabbit Kick Lvl 1 Attack Ability: + 50 Damage Augmentation: + 90 Ki: 8 Str, 8 Dex
Rabbit Jump Lvl 1 Automatic Transportation 60 ft. Damage Augmentation: + 50 Ki: 4 Str, 4 Agi
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot Counterattack: +100 Damage Autmentation: +10 Ki: 12 Dex, 3 WP
Ki Accumulation: Str 4/Pool 17 Agi 2/Pool 12 Dex 4/Pool 14
Con 1/Pool 9 WP 1/Pool 6 Pow 1/Pool 6

Advantages: Ki Regen I, Uncommon Size, Martial Mastery III, Lucky
Disadvantages: Magic Susceptibility, Fear of Snakes, Deep Sleeper

Possessions: Leather Armor, Pants, Shirt, Silver Ring, Gloves, Underpants, Belt, Shoes, Black Steel Mask, Bandana, Hunting Clothes, King’s Audience Outfit, Ruby Mask of Knowledge, Backpack, Excellent Rope, Hook, Lantern

Currency: 111 Gold, 15 Silver, 6 Copper


When I was growing up, things were pretty rough. I was a rich kid, and my father, Gregory MacAlister had to deal with the disgrace of my expulsion from the academy. I was expelled for aggressive behavior or somesuch. I mean the guy had it coming, telling me to leave his girl alone. She wasn’t his property, and I was being perfectly well mannered. He decked me, and I fought back. The girl was pissed that her boyfriend started the whole thing and who can blame her. I mean, really. This was when I was like, I don’t know, twelve or something. So my father sent me to one of the schools the lower class citizens attended. I can’t even remember the name of it anymore, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the trouble all started there, really. I was a rich kid. In a school full of poor people. So naturally I got picked on. A lot. And I’m not the kind of guy who just sits there and takes it. I was taught kung fu as part of a family tradition, and I knew how to defend myself, so I did what any teenager would do. I fought back. Hard. I almost got expelled there too, but I managed to graduate by the skin of my teeth. That’s where I became most of who I am today. Like I said, that’s where it all started.
Then there was that crazy gypsy lady. Oh, wait. Let me back up a bit. So I was getting kind of bored back home. I mean, I had everything provided for me. My family was wealthy, and all I had to do was keep up appearances and eventually get married to someone strategically advantageous to the family. So I spent my time in bars, on the streets and who knows where else getting into fights, and cleaning up the trash in Eternia. There’s a lot of people who just don’t know how to be good, you know. Criminals, miscreants, all that. Hell, half of them were those jerks in that poor people school who picked on me. That’s where I’ve honed a lot of my skills. I mean, I still need some training, but someone’s got to put people in their place when they steal things from people who don’t deserve it, you know?
So yeah, that gypsy lady. I was really drunk one night, you know, just going to parties and having a good time. I stumbled home piss drunk, and went to bed. Only it wasn’t my home. It was a trading vessel, headed south. So when I woke up, there was a bunch of angry people shouting at me, and I got off the boat and had no idea where I was. So I went to the dock master and figured out where I was, and more importantly how the hell I was going to get home before my father found out. Unfortunately, there weren’t any boats headed back to Eternia till like a week or two later. Then someone mentioned the Star Islands and how they were full of pirates and fun and women and pretty much every good thing ever. So I thought, hell, father’s already going to be pissed, and pirate central sounds like a blast. Might as well go and have some fun, maybe get a ride back from there instead and get in trouble anyways.
So then I met this gypsy lady. It was at the Star Islands. I didn’t even see here there, in the street on her little blanket, this crumpled up old woman meditating or whatever, so I totally tripped over her. She got all upset and I told the old woman to calm down and quit making so much noise. So she cursed me, saying that I was going to endure a life of pain and suffering, and that I would become like the meekest creature in the plains: The rabbit. I thought, man this bitch is crazy, and went on my way. Then I met some pirate guy who thought I was all that and pretty talented stuff. He offered me a job, and I said I’d think about it. Pirates are cool and all, but again with the stealing things from people who don’t deserve it. Plus, that pirate guy was a pretty scary dude. So instead of turning him down, I got the hell of that island and stowed away on a ship heading for Eternia.
Yeah, that’s kind of where I am now. Got a pretty sweet pirate getup. The pirate’s I’m sailing with are pretty good guys, minus the pirating. I’ll get home eventually. I hope. Probably not before these pirates try to raid one of the Eternia ships first, though. I might have to swim. I can swim alright. I think.

Harlan MacAlister

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