Kaylee Lyndsye Frye

All your senses belong to us.


Name: Kaylee Lyndsy Frye

Class: Mentalist Level:0

Development Points: 400/600

Age: 22, DoB: 01/24/1120 A.C.

Race: Human, Gender: ♀

Appearance Score: 7

Size: 13 Height/Weight: 5’/ 123 lb.

Hair: Blond, Eyes: Hazel

Notable Scars: 3” Scar on right calf,

Wealth: 6 – Upper Class (20 GC)

Tattoos: Humming Bird – Left thy, Blue Jay – Left breast, Meadowlark – Right shoulder blade, Deer – Left calf, Fish – Right butt cheek, Family Crest – Small of Back

Parents – Jim (55) and Karen (50) Frye – occupation Black Smiths
Siblings – Jay (20), Huck(18), Teresa(17)

Kaylee grew up in a home where she is loved and accepted. She was born with the ability to see things of a supernatural nature and at a young age learned that with a little thought she can even control some of it.
To the ones who know her she is thoughtful, happy and spontaneous. If you ask her she will tell you that she is Kind, Precocious and Mercurial. She always looks like she is working on some strange line of thought. However she has a tendency to act before she thinks things all the way through. She usually finds life to be boring. So whenever she thinks she can get away with it she creates some excitement. Morally she is a good person but will not hesitate to defend against and even punish those how would attack her or someone she loves. All indications point to her even being willing to kill under the right conditions. The lay man would describe her as happy but serious.
She was born at a medical center in Cascadia and spent her life living in a farming community just outside Cascadia. She was beautiful and thus popular. She constantly drew the eye of the boys and the other girls wanted to be her. She has never broken any laws but there were more than a few rules that she has bent… a lot.
Over the years friends and family have taken up trying to sneak up on her. Not many find themselves capable of the task; she seems to just know when someone is near her.


Boring. This life is boring. It’s the same thing over and over. The only point of excitement is when I sneak out, and that not easy. I guess it started when I was 11. That’s when they started treating me differently. They told me I was going to marry nobility. My lessons became more about etiquette with a little politics. But it’s boring. I want more training with the forge. Well at least they let me work on a lot of the special orders. Thou they are rarely orders for functional weapons. They mostly want decorative stuff for ceremonies and the like. Pomp and circumstance, I can’t stand it. But I guess this is what my life is going to be.
At least my betrothed is a good person. He’s smart and handsome. Not to mention ruthless in dealing with others. He’s also very kind to me. He’s bought me a lot of really nice things. Like this necklace and the diamond wedding ring. I don’t actually know him very well. I only see him at formal functions and events. I wish he was a little lower profile, so I could spend some time with him. But what can you do. Where set to be married shortly after his 18 birthday. So I have 2 more years as a Frye. Then I’ll be a Delitia. We’ll be Mr. & Mrs. Graham Delitia. But that’s later. For now I’ll enjoy living a life free of social domination. I’ll sneak out to the bar every now and then to watch the locals and have a drink. Maybe someday I’ll even join the crowed and enjoy a festival. Time will tell.
A few years back when I turned 18 my parents had a large house put up on their land for me to move to. It had a built in forge and horse stalls. They even got me a lovely horse with tackle and a small coach. So I guess if I ever end up traveling it will be in comfort. I think it would be fun to travel. I’ve never really gone anywhere. Aside from the fields of valor, Cascadia and Eternia. I wonder what life is like elsewhere.
Every now and then I’ll go into the city, to the markets and buy things I want. last time I got my-self some perfume and a nice dress to wear to formal functions. I wonder what Graham will think. Maybe I should try to read his feelings next time I’m in contact with him.

Kaylee Lyndsye Frye

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