Mars Cavern

The Entrance

The Interior

The Mars Cavern city is perhaps one of the most unique centers of commerce and community in the greater of Eternia. Located within a massive cave system on the coast of Mars Island and bordering the wild ocean, The Mars Cavern is home to many citizens whose main focus of trade is fish and rum. The second level of the city has a wide assortment of bars and taverns, and one can usually find some sort of celebration going on in one of them. Below that, the lowest level is one of business. There are an incredible number of butcher shops and bazaar booths. On the uppermost level, one finds the domiciles of Mars Caverns’ citizens.

Within Mars Cavern there is a strong but incredibly secretive black market. One needs to know the right people to talk to, and the right password to talk to these understreet merchants who even occasionally operate under the very water itself. One should be cautious to venture this far, however, as one’s life may be in peril if one should step the wrong way.

Mars Cavern

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