Anima: The Masquerade

A (Hopefully) Unneeded Contingency

My Dearest Markus,

I regret to inform you that the news I bring is not of good tidings, but of a bitter tribulation for the both of us to face. To speak plainly, I am going some place from which I can never return. It would seem the court has deemed me irrecoverably influenced by necromancy. I am too much of a risk to keep within society and must be cast into the basement level of The Temple of The Eleven for safe keeping.

While the world may be safe from any damage I may unintentionally inflict upon it, I fear that my own safety is far from guaranteed. I can only imagine what may be within the lower level of the temple. Given my lack of self defense this ordeal is more than likely a death sentence for me, so even now I may be nothing more than a corpse rotting on the cold stone floor.

I am frightened of what I may find, and it is unlikely that sleep will come to me tonight. I know that you may be angry at those putting me away, but neither you nor I have anyone to blame but myself.

In my recent travels, I found myself in a toxic environment surrounded by the corpses of my friends. I was offered shelter by what seemed like a kind soul who snatched my friends from the brink of being lost forever: something I would have struggled to do in my state of exhaustion at the time. It was only later that I found out this “friend” was necrotic in nature.

I told myself it didn’t matter so long as I could save my friends from the slow and painful death that would be brought on over the next several days. But, I knew better. I should have turned everyone around and found a different solution. It wasn’t that I couldn’t pull my allies together and survive, but that I didn’t.

Now I find myself full of regret and shame for what my actions brought upon not only myself, but several other innocents who’ve performed countless acts of heroism. With this in mind, if I am to be found guilty of such a crime in the eyes of the law, then I will gladly except whatever punishment follows.

Just know that I never stopped loving you for even a moment. I would have done anything for a chance to feel your beautiful face on my finger tips one more time before leaving for good. Even though I long for you it does not mean your heart should linger on me. I beg you to bury your bitterness and find not only peace and closure, but to once more find love if you ever feel the time is right. I can die in peace knowing you will live a long and happy life.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Markus. I don’t regret a single second we spent together, whether in laughter or sadness. The time we shared is more precious than any amount of gold or material wealth in this world; Never forget that.

Your lover,


Satisfied with the contents of the letter, Lydia folded it neatly and sealed it closed in an envelope. She carefully wrote Markus’ full name on the front and blew on the ink to accelerate the drying process. Certain that everything pertaining to the message was in order, Lydia tucked it in her over-shirt for safe keeping. It was unlikely that it would ever need to be used, but it was better to be cautious than to be locked away without ever having a chance to say goodbye. She only hoped that the judgment would see things her way and it would never have to be delivered.



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