Anima: The Masquerade

A Little Insomnia Never Hurt Anyone...

...But A Lot Can Kill You

Lydia sighed and closed the book in her hands with a soft thud. Preoccupation was making research difficult to want to concentrate on. It didn’t help that Lydia didn’t feel she was getting anywhere with her work. There were plenty of solutions to dealing with high temperatures, but none of the options were going to provide the heavy duty protection she was looking for. It would seem that even her masked friends would find it a difficult task to take on.

Meanwhile in the corner of the study, Jacquez slept peacefully on his chair. He occasionally grumbled a proposition to some imaginary fair maiden under his breathe before shifting his weight and finally settling down once more. Lydia smirked at the man and envied his ease of rest. Her own peace of mind had proven difficult to find after emerging from the lower levels of the Temple of the Eleven. Between the remnants of fear that still lingered in her mind and the recently acquired news of Markus, Lydia knew she would find no sleep tonight, and possibly for some time.

There was no way of being sure where he was, or if he was even alright. The uncertainty grew continuously and now it felt as if there was a black and heavy weight lodged in her stomach.

The girl shook her head as if to disperse the fog surrounding her mind that distracted her from the work at hand. “There’s no time for your childish concerns, Lydia,” she whispered to herself. Grabbing the next book on the stack, Lydia once more buried herself in the old texts in search of insight.



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