Anima: The Masquerade

Damn Pirates

Always make a smooth ride rough...

This event has been a very long time planning. When important people die the world seems to just stop bloody turning and demand that everyone stop what they are doing and get to doing something new before it damn well falls apart. I’m not convinced that the world would fall apart if we didn’t have a Grand Cleric for a while, but the simple fact of the matter is that suddenly Grand Cleric Samsar died a month ago and I’ve been needing to spread my forces thin to protect damn oracles and church leaders from pirates that think they’re going to get a little richer because more transport than usual is happening.

Well, just as I get three Oracles to town safely, the one boat I was escorting myself got attacked. What a wonderful coincidence. It’s almost like they can smell me. The battle went much smoother than I had planned… when the captain received a neckfull of crossbow bolt… from one of his own. The battle broke as soon as it happened, not a very well put together band of pirates. But the one who killed the captain… He seemed a good enough kid, however he got onto a pirate ship is beyond me. Needs discipline, now, if he joined the Navy, I’d make a proper man out of him yet, but as it stands, I’m happy watching out my window while he swabs the deck.

The next job I’ll have to do is getting the bloody oracles back. I’ll keep my feet up until then, though.



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