Anima: The Masquerade

Letter to Lydia


Dear Lydia
I need to tell you something. After this latest bout with death i came to a realization. I have a feeling that this battle with the masked men ,and i mean all that remain against us, will take all that we have to offer. In that sense i am writing this letter to give you permission to bring me back from all manner of harm including death while we have them or their monster to fight. After we have finished with them though i wish that if i have died in that final battle to be left dead. Pleas bury my body properly if you can next to my wife in eternia and turn my armor and weapon into my tombstone if possible. This is as close to a will i get and i leave this to you lydia because of all the people i know you will still be there at that time. All my money give it to the crystal forest rangers , minus your cut for my burial and the tombstone. This i give you this in letter form so you can show the letter to the others when the time comes. If you others are reading this thank you for all the good memories. Lydia thank you most of all for carrying out this as i know it goes against everything in your being but please let me be.

Sincerly Mappo Orlong



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